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Get To Know Me.


It's Nice To Meet You.

Hi, I’m Shannen. You read that correctly, it’s Shannen with an E. I’m a graphic designer, surface pattern designer, and illustrator all in one. I was born and raised in Swansea, South Wales by my British dad and Filipino mum. Since I’m a dual citizen, legally I’m 100% British and 100% Filipino. A mixture of cultural influences shapes me, as well as my creativeness. 


I’ve been creative from a young age, whether that was drawing, painting, DIYing or photography. It wasn’t until later on in life during my GSCEs/A-Levels that I discovered my enthusiasm for graphic design. This led me to pursue a degree in this subject, allowing me to become a designer and full-time creative.


My dream projects are anything to do with surface pattern design, such as home soft goods, clothing, wallpaper, rugs, and on and on.


My favourite things to do are to learn new recipes, bake banana bread, spend time with my dog Milo, and surround myself with my partner, friends and family.

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